Questions about installing electrical wiring in the country


  1. What is the best way to connect the wires: twist or clamps, and what?
  2. How to choose a circuit breaker (for convenience, so as not to go out)? On the post at the electric meter they are already standing.
  3. What simple tools are better to remove the insulation from the ends of the wires if they are already in the transfer case and it is difficult to crawl with a knife? If you can tell me the model or brand for all products indicated in the questions. Wire cross sections 0.75-6 mm. Thank.

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    1) The most reliable connection methods are soldering, welding, crimping. Just plain twisting is not recommended. As for the clamps, terminal blocks - everything depends on their quality, but in any case, this method of connection will be less reliable compared to the above methods.
    2) Choose a circuit breaker for the same rating as in the shield with the meter. Choose the manufacturer based on the available assortment and the means at your disposal.
    3) The simplest tool is a special knife for terminating the cable. To simplify the work, use a special tool for stripping (stripper). Choose the one that is suitable for the cost and pay attention that it is designed for the required range of wire cross sections - 0.75-6 sq. Mm.

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