TOP 5 reliable multicooker manufacturers in 2017

Slow cookers are becoming more popular, and the right choice of household appliance is becoming more complicated due to the diversity of firms. In order not to be mistaken, we suggest you familiarize yourself with the TOP 5 reliable brands that produce good and inexpensive models. The review is presented in the rating of the best manufacturers of multicookers in 2017 in terms of quality, basic characteristics and customer reviews.


Opens the rating of the best companies producing multicookers, brand SUPRA. This brand is not particularly popular in the domestic market, although as few reviews show, it is absolutely in vain. The manufacturer produces inexpensive models worth 1,500 - 5,000, while they are of good quality and reliability. In addition, the volume of the 4-liter bowl is also a good advantage of the company. Of the advantages, you can still highlight the presence of seven different programs and several cooking modes. Almost all models have delayed start functions, keeping the food hot and, of course, a timer. If you do not know which choose a good slow cookerso that it is inexpensive and reliable, we recommend SUPRA. This is the case when the price-performance ratio is very decent. For accessibility and functionality, the manufacturer gets 5th place in our ranking of the best firms.SUPRA

Overview of a good multicooker with 3D heating from SUPRA, you can watch the video:


The multicooker manufacturer Moulinex is ranked fourth in the 2017 ranking for modern design and reliable assembly. If you want not only a functional, but also a stylish model, this company is the best for you. The brand produces both large and small electrical appliances of various colors and sizes. The range is quite extensive and even the most demanding buyer will find a home appliance to his taste. Even small 3-liter multicookers have up to 8 automatic programs in their arsenal, a function of delayed start and heating.Moulinex

Prices for multicookers from this manufacturer are quite affordable from 2,000 to 6,000. True, there is one expensive Moulinex CE7021 model in the arsenal, the cost of which is about 19,000. The household appliance has a ceramic bowl of 6 liters, a capacity of 1,200 watts, a 3D heating function, as many as 50 automatic programs, as well as a function for memorizing favorite recipes. A detailed review of this model, which is one of the best in the entire rating, you can watch on the video:


Third place in the ranking of the best manufacturing companies is held by Panasonic. The Japanese brand has long been known for the quality and reliability of its home appliances. Modern devices have touch control and strict design. The case is made of stainless steel, the coating is always non-stick. The price range is quite extensive, you can choose both an elite and a more budget model. Despite the fact that Panasonic has not yet released so many crock-pots, reviews suggest that the manufacturer does not intend to give in to more popular brands and is ready to enter the fight.For high-quality assembly, durability and the presence of all the basic functions, in our rating this brand occupies an honorable third place.Panasonic

Useful information that will help determine the choice of a multicooker from Panasonic, you can find out from the video:


We decided to award the second place in the ranking of the best multicooker brands to the reliable and high-quality Polaris company. The models of this manufacturer are distinguished by a good bowl, with a non-stick coating, which allows you to cook healthy food without using vegetable oil. A wide range will allow you to choose a decent option for design, number of family members and compactness. Add to this a lot of automatic programs, a low price and you will get an almost perfect multicooker. Reviews about this manufacturer are also only good, which gives her a well-deserved right to be in second place in the rating. As for the cost, you can buy a suitable model for 2,000 - 10,000. At the same time, the most expensive device has Wi-Fi and it is possible to control it remotely using a smartphone or tablet.Polaris

More information about Polaris with Wi-Fi, you can watch the video:


The first place in the ranking is occupied by the best multicooker manufacturers - Redmond. This company became so popular precisely thanks to the production of this household appliance, which is so loved by many people. All Redmond models are very stylish, convenient and easy to use, in addition, they have many additional features. Currently, the brand is increasingly producing affordable multicookers with 3D or induction heating, Wi-Fi, delayed start, heat maintenance, etc. Built-in programs allow you to throw the necessary ingredients into the “miracle pan”, press one button and go about your business. The manufacturer produces models of various price categories (from 2,000 to 15,000). True, the most expensive model - SkyCooker CBD100S costs about 17,000. You can also choose a slow cooker for a small or large family, it will differ in bowl volume and compactness.Redmond

A detailed description of one of the best models from Redmond, you can look at the video:

We have provided you with a ranking of the best multicooker manufacturers. This useful household appliance is sure to come in handy in the kitchen, the main thing is to choose a good and high-quality “assistant” for many years. We hope that the TOP 5 companies will help you with this.

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