Two-key switch circuit diagram

Hello. A three-wire wire is suitable for the two-key chandelier switch: two phases (top) and a voltage-free core (bottom). Is this a standard wiring? If so, it is not clear how the switch works and how to connect the chandelier? Thank.


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    The standard one is when the “phase” comes to the switch, and two wires go from the switch to the chandelier, when the switch is off there is no “phase”, and when it is on, there is. If you unscrew the light bulbs from the lamp, does the phase on two wires come to the switch? If it disappears, then the chandelier is connected the other way round - the "phase" is direct, and the "zero" opens. Then, the live conductors are connected to the “outgoing” contacts of the switch, and the live conductors without voltage to the “input” contacts.
    It will work, but in the distribution box the phase and zero in the lighting are mixed up. If on the other switches as well - it happens when the counter is changed - the phase is mixed up with zero.

    Your question is not clear, how to connect a chandelier? And now that you have nothing hanging on the ceiling? As well as the old one, if I’m right - there’s a “phase” about it, a common wire and disconnected “zeros” from groups of lamps

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