The scheme of connecting difavtomatov in a private house

Good afternoon. Tell me please. We have: input vulture 16, an introductory single-phase machine C32, a counter, a difavtomat at 32 30mA, from it a group of machines:

  1. Bath, before the bath 2x2.5 C16 machine.
  2. Sockets in the kitchen and lighting C16 2x2.5 sockets, 2x1.5 lighting.
  3. Everything else in the house C20 2.5x2, a separate machine from this wire C6 2x1.5.

Question: is such a connection scheme possible? If not, what is worth changing? Provided that everything will not be connected at the same time. At the moment, everything is working. Budget is limited. Thank.


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    Nah, everything's fine. I would probably leave it that way. The only thing is that the ground wire could be thrown onto the washing machine, otherwise it is not uncommon in humid rooms to beat electric current

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