Wiring diagram in a two-story wooden house

Ilya asks:
Good afternoon! Going to do wiring in a wooden house, 2 floors. Please advise if my scheme is correct? Are the machines, RCD and cable correctly designed? Thank!

The answer to the question:
Hello! I have questions for how you got 4,000 watts with 16A of the “outlet porch” and “kitchen outlet” machines? ? And also to the “oven” and “water heater” groups? I also wanted to clarify, do you have a hob less power than an oven? Usually the opposite.

In general, the scheme is correct. On outlets larger than 16A, the machine cannot be installed. 6-10A is enough for light. RCD 10 mA - may falsely trigger, in this case you need to try 30 mA (I just warn about a possible situation). And why do 10 mA on the refrigerator? Less is better? On the water heater, I understand - you want to protect yourself as much as possible when using this device. Put 30 mA on the refrigerator.

The cable is basically correct, but it is better to put 4 mm² on the water heater. 2.5 mm² - almost end-to-end.


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