Methods for connecting a wire with a cross section of 6 mm2 to a wire with a cross section of 2.5 mm2

Hello. Advise which wire connection to use for connecting the Domino hob cable. Copper 3x2.5 mm2 with a lead-in cable copper 3x6 mm2 (single-core and rigid). I didn’t succeed through the outlet; 3x6 mm2 cable cores turn the contacts out when they are compressed to cover the outlet with a cover. Thank. Nikolay.


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    Hello Nikolai! For connecting a cable with a cross section of 6 square meters. mm, you can use a special power outlet, the contacts of which are designed to connect a cable of this section, you plug the hob cable into the plug. The second option is to connect two cables through the terminal block. You also choose the terminal block so that its terminals are designed for connecting a cable with a cross-section of 6 square meters. mm When choosing a power outlet or terminal block, also pay attention to the rated current - it must withstand the load of the hob.

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