How to make a metal detector from improvised tools

Today, there are many different ideas on the Internet that allow you to make a metal detector with your own hands at home. Some of them require certain skills in working with electrical appliances, soldering and understanding the simplest electrical circuits, and some do not require any knowledge in these areas to create. However, there are many non-working, fake ways that bribe with their simplicity and accessibility. It is very easy for an inexperienced person to fall for the bait of deceivers - to spend time and effort on the manufacture of a deliberately non-working device and lose any interest in this. But don’t be discouraged, further readers "my.electricianexp»An interesting and really working scheme for creating a home-made metal detector will be provided!

Idea # 1 - Discs to go!

Surely you have already met or heard that the simplest metal detector can be made by itself using a CD and DVD disc, as shown in the photo. The scheme is quite simple and does not require any professional tool or skills.Homemade disk and batteries

This instruction is the most popular because of the availability of the necessary components and the simplicity of its assembly, all you need to do is connect a couple of wires and a crown together and the device is ready. At the same time, the attributes are attributed to this device rather good - it finds a coin at a distance of 25-30 cm, which is quite enough to search for coins and treasures. However, unfortunately, this instruction is fake.

The fact is that the metal detector itself is a rather complex device, its work is based on several physical phenomena at once. Therefore, a calculator and a pair of disks cannot even remotely repeat its principle of operation, so that the creators of such instructions, who sometimes write that they even find treasures with the help of such homemade products, do not approve.

Metal detector drawing

To understand that you are being deceived is very simple even without knowledge of the laws of physics. The wires from the headphones that need to be attached to the disk do not actually come into contact with it, since copper is under a layer of varnish insulation, which must be removed by firing and time-consuming cleaning of soot, of course, none of the authors of the instructions do this in their devices . Therefore, the headphones are simply not connected to any circuit, and there can be no talk of any work, let alone finding metals.

The wireThis metal detector works on the basis of induction balance, in its design must be at least one coil of copper wire. When a metal object enters the coil field, its characteristics or the received signal, depending on the design, change. These changes are fixed and strengthened by the circuit, and also issued in a human-readable form, usually by means of sound signals.

Metal detector block diagram

Video instruction for assembling a metal detector from disks

Further, for the readers of our site, we will provide a truly working version of the assembly of a home-made metal detector at home.

Idea # 2 - Pirate Metal Detector

This is a proven scheme by many homemade manufacturers that allows you to achieve good results. There are two microcircuits in it, so you have to make a small printed circuit board or assemble the device on a breadboard. But do not be alarmed, anyone can make such an option, making the necessary efforts for this. Below is the electronic circuit of the device and the circuit board for it.

Assembly diagram

Printed circuit boardThe coil is made of enameled copper wire with a diameter of 0.5 mm. Winding should be done on a frame with a diameter of 200-260 mm, the number of turns from 21 to 25. For reliability, the coil is better to install in a protective plastic casing, which can then be attached to a handle made of PVC pipes.

Homemade Pirate Metal Detector

After assembling the metal detector, it must be checked. The order of use is as follows: turn on the device away from metal objects for about 30 seconds, so that its operation is more stable, then, turning the knob of variable resistors for rough and fine tuning, it is necessary to achieve rare clicks. When metal enters the coverage area, you will hear a characteristic sound.

Below is a detailed video of assembly instructions, which clearly shows all the stages of creating a homemade metal detector:


Here is the most popular working way to create a metal detector at home with your own hands. Despite the apparent complexity of the assembly, the device does not require laborious settings and provides good work. You can save a considerable amount of money on the construction of such a device, and its scope is huge, from finding buried metal in your area, to detecting wiring and metal structures in the walls when installing a wall outlet and ditching the walls.

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Video instruction for assembling a metal detector from disks


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