We make LED illumination of the stairs

If you are a happy owner of a two-story private house or a cottage, a good decision would be to make the built-in lighting of the steps of the stairs leading to the second floor. To date, it is best to use a special diode strip, spotlights or sconces installed along the steps. Of course, the first option looks the most beautiful, in addition, the strips of LEDs are quite simply mounted and connected to the network. Next, we will tell you how to make a staircase lighting with an LED strip yourself, providing all the necessary photos, videos and diagrams.

Step-by-step installation instructions

Choose a lighting scheme

First of all, you need to decide how to place the illumination of the steps of the stairs - in the wall on the sides, from below, through one step, over the entire width or only in the center. You can see examples of lighting in the photo below:

You also need to decide on how to control the LED strip - it will turn on with a conventional light switch, motion sensor, or through switch. Much also depends on this. When you decide on all organizational issues, you can proceed to the calculation of materials and the selection of highlight elements.

We count materials

We recommend that you make your own staircase lighting as follows:

  1. Illumination of each step with a margin of at least 5 cm from the edges.
  2. Motion sensors are installed on the upper and lower points of the flight of stairs.
  3. The lighting system is organized on the basis of the Arduino controller.
  4. In addition, a photo relay must be installed so that the LED strip turns on only at dusk.
  5. As for the tape, its characteristics should be as follows: 60 LEDs per meter, SMD 3528, IP degree of protection of at least 67.

Please note that in your case you can use other materials. For example, if you do not want to bother with automatic backlighting and understand the connection of all elements to the Arduino controller, you can simply control the lighting with the passage switches, which will greatly simplify installation and the cost of the system. When all the materials are counted and purchased, you can proceed to installing and connecting the LED strip on the steps of the stairs with your own hands.

Installation work

So, to make the built-in lighting of the stairs to the second floor, follow the instructions below:

  1. Cut the LED strip into strips of suitable length. Do not forget that you need to cut it in specially designated places, as shown in the photo below:Proper strip cutting
  2. Solder wires to the contacts to connect the backlight to the controller. You can also use special connectors so as not to waste time working with a soldering iron.Using solderingConnector
  3. We degrease the steps and glue the LED strip in a suitable place.If there is no way to make hidden lighting of the landing, you can use a special aluminum profile that will protect the lamp from mechanical damage.Outdoor installation in profileFlush mounting
  4. Opposite the lower and upper steps we install sensors, as shown in the diagram below. About, how to connect a motion sensor to the light, we told in the corresponding article.Motion Sensor Installation DiagramSensors on the wall
  5. We hide all the wires in the cable channel, which we attach either to the side of the wall or under the flight of stairs.
  6. In a suitable place, we install the box in which the controller will be located for intelligent control of the LED lighting of the stairs.Lighting control
  7. We connect all the elements into one system, connect the controller to the computer and download the code, which can be easily found on the Internet. The connection diagram looks something like this:Arduino controller circuitSingle-March TypeTwin March Design
  8. We check the correct installation and if no errors are found, we test the staircase LED lighting. We adjust the lighting mode for ourselves and enjoy what you managed to do.

We also recommend that you watch the video, which examined in more detail some points regarding this issue:

Smart Controller Overview

What does automatic light on look like?

Here, according to such instructions, you can make the staircase lighting with an LED strip yourself. As you can see, there are no special difficulties in installation, however, so that you have automatic lighting of steps to the second floor in your private house, you will have to figure out how to connect the Arduino controller.

Ready-made solutions

We also recommend that you look at the photo of the staircase lighting ideas to get inspired and choose the most suitable option for your own conditions. Here we will provide several options for fixtures, so that you know how else you can make the lighting steps.

The use of sconces installed along the flight of stairs:

Ideas for creating street lighting on wooden, concrete and stone steps:

Successful use of spotlights in the interior:

Well, the most modern and at the same time simple solution is the use of diode tapes:

That was all I wanted to tell you about how to make LED lighting on the steps of a staircase in a private house. We hope our instruction with photo examples and diagrams was useful for you!

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Smart Controller Overview

What does automatic light on look like?

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