Will the washing machine drum ring to the ground?

The old apartment building has a two-wire system. Connect the ground is not where. When installing a meter on a gas pipe, gas workers plucked with current. They called an electrician from the housing office. He determined that the washer was to blame. At the time of the work, the washing machine did not work, but the plug was plugged in.

I disconnected the ground wire from the line filter. Now, when I ring the chain between the grounding wire and the machine body, then there is no chain, and when I put the probes on the drum and the grounding wire, there is a chain. Indesit typewriter. I tried to carry out the same operation on another machine of the same company, only the modification is different. That drum does not ring to the ground, and in the second typewriter I did not connect the line filter wire from the case. Now it became unclear which of the insulation machines was faulty. Thank you in advance for any advice or recommendation on this matter.



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