Grounding in the shield of a private house

Good afternoon. SCHU is located on a pole where there is a counter and an automatic machine, then SIPom 16 * 4 to the house. The house plans to install ShchR. Which includes this SIP in a 4-pole differential automatic 25A 300 mA. Further in the USM 3-63 and the division into groups. No grounding, but planned. Could answer such questions:

In such a situation it is better to do how? Before the differential, separate the PEN wire and everything on the buses, or is it impossible to do this with an UZMka? Or do not divide PEN, but make the grounding separately and throw it on a separate bus. Yes, or do not divide or install anything at all, but how is it that 4 wires enter the differential and lead to the groups? Thanks for the answer.


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    Read in more detail what kind of grounding systems are and in what cases you can use this or that system. In brief, there are two possible options:

    Grounding system TN-C-S - in this case, PEN is divided into a difavtomat. But such a system should be used if the electrical networks are in a normal technical condition, since a dangerous potential will appear on a grounded wire on the grounded enclosures of electrical appliances.

    TT grounding system - in this case, you mount an individual grounding circuit and connect it to a separate grounding bus, while the combined PEN mains conductor is used only as a neutral one, that is, with this scheme, four wires come to the differential and then lead them to the groups, nothing do not share.

    TT system is recommended in cases where the power supply line does not meet the requirements that apply to the lines of the TN-C-S system. The main requirements for the lines of this system are the presence of the required number of repeated grounding of the PEN conductor on the line, the health of the grounding, the sufficient mechanical strength of the PEN conductor along the entire line from the power substation to the consumer.

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