What protective equipment is used in electrical installations with voltages above 1000 V?

When working with high-voltage equipment and installations, it is necessary to protect yourself from electric shock, especially if the voltage at the facility exceeds 1 kV. For protection, fixed assets are used that can be used under load, and additional, whose main purpose is to protect against contact with hazardous live parts, as well as from exposure step voltage. Now we will talk about the main and additional electrical protective equipment used in electrical installations above 1000 V. Information is provided on the basis of regulatory document RD 34.03.603.

The main

The most important protective equipment includes:

  1. Insulating rods. Electricians use them in order to install or remove a fuse, free the worker from electric shock, make the necessary measurements or even fix it in an electrical installation portable ground.Barbell
  2. High voltage pointers (abbreviated as UVN). They can be used in switchgears to check the voltage (present or not), in the place where the work is carried out. In addition, the UVN are used to check the phase matching of high-voltage equipment.UVN photo
  3. Insulating ticks. Thanks to this tool, an electrician can be installed or, on the contrary, dismantled tubular fuses, as well as remove linings.Ticks
  4. Measuring instruments, such as current clamps. In addition, in electrical installations rated for voltages above 1000 volts, devices for puncturing cables can be used.Electrical clamp meter
  5. Protective equipment used in electrical installations over 110 kV (flexible and polymer insulators, inserts of telescopic towers, etc.).Polymer Insulators

As you can see, the list of electrical protective devices is small, but all of them must be unconditionally present when personnel work in electrical installations above 1000 V.


Additional devices and protective equipment include:

  1. Dielectric gloves. Protect the worker’s hands from electric shock. We draw your attention to the fact that in the list electrical protective equipment used in electrical installations up to 1000 Volts, gloves belong to the main set of protective devices, and not additional (according to the same RD 34.03.603).Gloves
  2. Dielectric bots. They are used to completely protect the electrician from the base underneath.Bots
  3. Rubber mat. Like bots, it isolates workers from the base.Rubber mat electrician
  4. Insulating stand. When operating at voltages above 1000 V, it must be equipped with porcelain insulators.Insulator stand
  5. Insulating linings and caps. They prevent the occurrence of short circuits and are also an electrical protection device.Photo insulating coatings
  6. Ladders and ladders made of fiberglass.Ladder
  7. Booms for leveling and transferring potential.They are used to transfer the dangerous potential of the overhead line to the place where the electrician works.Equalization Tools

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So we have listed all the electrical protective equipment in electrical installations above 1000 volts. Note that the listed devices must be checked before starting work, as well as tested under voltage. We will talk about this in our new publications!

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