How to protect yourself from a zero break?

The situation was simulated: a zero break in the panel riser, 3 apartments for all in the same phase, the loads included are different in each apartment. Connection (N common for apartments) The L-N-PEN in the N shield is connected to PE.

Question: how to secure a bathroom with a metal washing machine. etc.? With a zero break in the riser in one of the apartments, PE will have a voltage of up to 400 volts (for example, if there is poor grounding or contact). The voltage relay will disconnect L and N, if there is no voltage relay, will the RCD disconnect? And what are the control sensors (possibly sound) for the PE wire in the apartment panel (for example, as a screwdriver for a phase test), if the phase appeared on the PE wire? Thank.


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    In an article on our website described how to organize a protection system, a separate heading for residents of apartment buildings, why you can not combine the conductors. Some types of RCDs are able to turn off when the voltage goes beyond the set limits. These relays are equipped with an electronic device. Differential relays do not know how. Install a voltage relay on the input.

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