Short circuit protection of a wooden house

Hello. I live in a private wooden house. The wiring is done in the attic. I'm afraid of a short circuit. Tell me, which protection device can be installed in the shield (after it goes all the wiring around the house) in order to protect itself from short-circuit? At the same time, I do not want it to be triggered for every “sneeze” (I heard that an RCD cuts off the electricity at the slightest leak), but it would be effective with real short-circuit. The machine costs 25 amperes. Thank.

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    Circuit breaker protects against short circuit. RCD protects against current leaks, which are one of the causes of ignition of electrical wiring. If the RCD disconnects, then the wiring is in poor condition - there is a leak and, accordingly, there is a danger of fire.
    For safety, first of all you need to have a working and reliable electrical wiring, which is laid correctly (read the requirements for wiring in a wooden house). Wiring must be protected by both automatic machines and RCDs. For safety in case of failure of protective devices, redundant protective devices should be installed on the input in the shield - automatic machine and RCD. The protective shutdown device at the input also performs a fire function, protecting the electrical wiring as a whole.

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