Protection of 4 apartments with one opening machine

Is it possible to plant 4 apartments, 2 automatic machines on the right in one phase? What needs to be changed? Thank.

Opening machines for apartments


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    There can be several apartments on one phase, but the phase must be distributed to several apartments in the distribution panel, each apartment must be equipped with a separate circuit breaker for the same rating as the representatives of the power grids installed. One wire is suitable for each machine, it can branch to another machine. From each separate machine there is one wire per apartment.
    But it is precisely in your case that it is not entirely clear what is at stake. The automatic machine is 25 A, several aluminum wires are connected to it - according to this phot it is not clear what they feed where they are going. But in any case, one 25 A machine cannot supply several apartments, only one.
    Once again I repeat - at the exit from the machine there should be one wire to one apartment, at the entrance of the machine there can be several wires - if in this way the wires are branched to other machines in the shield.
    Most likely, these 4 automatic machines feed 4 apartments - each apartment has its own automatic machine. If this is not so, then you need a separate machine for each apartment.

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