Replacing water with antifreeze in the heating system

In my private house (in the country), the heating system is "on the water." Water has to be drained for the winter. Is it possible to transfer the same system to electric heating (put the boiler only for heating) and fill the batteries not with water but with specials. antifreeze, so as not to drain for the winter ??



  • Admin

    Well, this is a bit out of our profile, water heating systems. Therefore, it is better to consult a specialist. As far as I know, water can be replaced with antifreeze in the heating system, but only in this case the electric boiler wears out faster and plus - you need to make sure that the boiler is used to work with antifreeze. In general, there are many nuances.

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  • Alexei

    yes it is possible to replace special liquids instead of water in the heating system, but do not forget to check whether the PH of this liquid matches your water and whether it matches the parameters of your boiler, as some VAILLANT boilers
    PROTHERM, RUSNit, EVAN, ACV, ZOTA, KOSPEL, REKO, GALAN, SOLEN from these manufacturers only support a certain specialized anti-freezing liquid

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