Do I need to change the wiring when replacing a gas stove with an induction one?

Irina asks:
Hello! We plan to do redevelopment in the apartment. House type II-29, 1963. We want to abandon the gas stove and install the induction (hob and oven). Employees of Mosgaz somehow hesitantly said that we have weak wiring and will not withstand such stress. Is it still possible to install a stove if we replace all the wiring in the apartment?
Thank you in advance!
The answer to the question:
Hello, the question of whether the wiring in the apartment can withstand such power is weakly associated with the installation of an electric stove. You need to lay the cable from the shield to it directly and protect this line with a separate circuit breaker and RCD, then you can not make changes to the existing electrical wiring (although if it is laid from the construction of the house, it is better to replace it).
The question now is whether you have enough allocated power to operate such a stove? This can be determined by the value of the input circuit breaker, for example, if a plate with a power of 5 kW, the input circuit breaker must be at least 25A. And then if you turn on the stove at full power with this input, you can’t turn on anything else.
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