Replacing a failed transformer in an electronic clock

All the best! :) There is a faulty transformer in the electronic clock, without data on the case, only a name that does not give anything (HKL-3871). How to find out what voltage to apply to the device? It seems like about 9 Volts must have found such information. Is there a working tr-r from a tape recorder at 10.5 Volts, can it be used instead of a faulty one? Only on the native idle, four wires from the secondary go out, are soldered to the clock board, and two on the tape recorder, is it possible to connect such a tr-r? There is also a tank at 4.5 Volts, what options do you suggest?


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    An electronic clock will work only if you put just the type of transformer that was there. Set at random - finally disable the clock, you need to know the parameters of the transformer exactly. If there are 4 wires on the secondary, then the transformer has two secondary windings and most likely a different voltage on each winding. If it’s really 9 V (as in the video you provided), then you need to put the transformer or power supply exactly at that voltage. But also do not exclude that the transformer could burn out due to the failure of another element.

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