Replacing an electric stove with a hob and oven

Sergei asks:
Is it possible to replace a 7400 hob and an oven with a power of 3500 instead of an electric stove on one line, even though they will not turn on at full power. I know that there are 32 amperes on the plate and the VVG wire 3 * 6?
The answer to the question:
Hello! What is the total power of the available electric stove? In principle, it is possible, but what voltage is there?

If one phase is 220V, then 32A is 7.04 kW, i.e. when you turn on all burners, the machine will knock out. It is necessary to take the hob more weakly, and if the oven is turned on at the same time as all the hobs, then it will be knocked out. If there are 2 phases - 380 and zero - then everything should be fine, even at full power.

Find out the purpose of the cores of your three-core cable you need. It can be a phase, zero and earth, or two phases and zero, two phases and earth.


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