Replacing the machine in the live driveway

Good afternoon, I read a lot - how to connect machines. This information was very useful for me. Only I have a big request for you - could you tell me more in detail - how to connect a bag (machine) in the staircase while under voltage, when there is no possibility to turn off the current? The thing is that in Google, Youtube, I studied the connection diagrams (assembly of the shield), but how can I do this while under voltage? I want to clarify for myself how to do this while maintaining safety precautions. I have a technical education, I have learned to read schemes. Thank you very much in advance.


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    It is necessary to observe the rules of personal safety. Dry clothes, dry shoes, possibly on a rubber mat. Find yourself a partner who will stand and watch you, instruct him about the dangers of electric current, how to pull a person caught in a circuit without danger of getting yourself under voltage. How to do artificial respiration and heart massage - broken ribs are not important, the main thing is to start the heart. Now, after instruction and preparation, we get down to business.
    If there is no way to unscrew the wire from the old machine, bite it as close to the machine as possible, here's the attention: all the iron elements of the shield are zero and accidental contact with pliers with a phase wire will cause a short circuit. (it doesn’t seem enough). To carry out all operations in the shield with one hand, hide the other behind the back, in no case do not hold onto the shield or the observer.
    After removing the wire, if it needs to be cleaned, carefully remove the insulation with side cutters, holding it with the other hand for insulation. If in the shield you still need to do something on the phase wire, it is better to put on a cambric or to wind it with insulating tape not so much that it can be easily removed before installation.

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