Shorted the wire in the oil heater - how to repair?

Hello! My heater was short-circuited, namely, a wire that fits the thermostat from the trip relay (I don’t know what it’s called, I apologize). Oil heater. I noticed that the wire "earth", suitable for the ten, was a little flooded with oil and some kind of darkened places. Please help if you can. Attached a photo, but because you can send only one photo, then I inserted a photo of the thermostat, relay, earth wire, shorted wire into it.



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    Hello! I don’t see the photo, try sending it again. In general, you need to check the entire circuit for integrity from the power cord to the heating elements with a tester or multimeter in the continuity mode. The insulation of the wires must be cleaned of dirt, oil. To prevent short circuits, the wires must have integral insulation, there should be no exposed sections to avoid short circuits. Damaged conductors must be replaced.

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