Is it legal to carry out wiring in an apartment building?

Is it legal to independently install electrical wiring in an apartment building? I live in an apartment building. My neighbor wants to redo the wiring throughout the house. Since he believes that the initial wiring was not correctly done. He also wants the tenants to start connecting independently from the new cable and also to do the installation of new wiring in the apartment. Closed or open at will. At the moment, I'm worried about home safety. Who can guarantee safety after self-assembly and in which case can I go to court?



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    Who serves this house? As a rule, the separation is: supplying before entering answers, serving inside the house. If the apartment is owned, the owner is responsible for what is in the apartment itself. This is for the simple reason. The question itself is not clear here, did one tenant decide to change all the networks in the common house? Then any lawsuit by residents can challenge his actions. For this type of work, there must be a verified and certified project and these works can only be performed by a licensed company for this type of work. You can’t just climb into community networks as you wish.

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  • Anastasia

    We have an identical situation. Our house is 2-storey, only 8 apartments. The management company has been doing nothing for many years and the residents decided to abandon this management company, respectively, a meeting was held and a protocol was signed to withdraw from this UK. The neighbor offers to all tenants to jointly hire an electrician and change all the external wiring with some changes to the initial project. But I am against, because as I understand it, then a new project is needed and installation should be carried out by a specialized company that will be responsible for these works. And can you tell me what legislative acts I can appeal in this situation? In which decree or law it is prescribed that there must be a certified project and the company carrying out these works must have a license

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