Why connect difavtomats simultaneously with a comb and jumpers?

Makar asks:
The shield was assembled in the apartment. When he saw and began to deal with some problems, he drew attention to the fact that ABB difavtomats are connected by a phase comb and a phase wire is also suitable for each contact of the comb (i.e., into the phase input of the difavtomat). I expected that the difavtomats would be connected by a comb, and the phase conductor would only fit the first difattomat.
Is it correct?
The connection of machines in shit
The answer to the question:
Hello! A strange solution, just a comb, is intended, as you said, to connect the wires to the first module, and the rest to connect to the comb. Perhaps the electrician thought it was more reliable. But in fact, this decision can rather worsen the contact - this is my opinion.

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