Is it a mistake to connect all the wiring to one difavtomat?

Good afternoon! I apologize in advance for the terminology, I'm not an electrician. In the apartment, as a result of the operation, the diflavomat was knocked out. He called the electrician from the Criminal Code, he concluded by the results of the inspection that somewhere in the wall from the load the wires were soldered and a short circuit occurred. Now almost all sockets in the apartment do not work (kitchen + two rooms), with the exception of two sockets in the corridor. There is lighting. The cable is copper, cross section about 2.5 mm. In the shield there are difavtomaty on 16A and 25A. Moreover, 16A is signed as “Kitchen”, and 25A is “room outlet”. But, when they opened the shield, they saw that all the cores were twisted and connected to 25A, and nothing was connected to the 16A difavtomat. Given that the outlets at once failed, both in the rooms and in the kitchen, I conclude that most likely they were all powered in one circuit. Tell me, please, am I right in my conclusion, and if so, is this connection of sockets a defect of the developer? Maybe there are regulations on the implementation of this type of work? The fact is that now, most likely, the wiring will have to be done anew, and the house is still under warranty. Thank you in advance!


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    Hello! Yes, this is the wrong assembly of the electric shield. We broke the wiring into groups, but eventually connected everything to one group. The question is different, why did this happen and can you prove that you did not reconnect in the shield, but it was originally.

    I did not meet the requirements for mandatory breakdown by groups of electricity consumers in apartments, if they are, then they are advisory in nature. There may be requirements for protective conductors and their switching, there are also recommendations that there should be a switching device up to the meter. Wiring is divided into groups for ease of maintenance, but since it increases the cost and complicates installation, this is not always done.

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