Will there be enough VVG 4x4 to connect the building at a distance of 100 meters?

Sergei asks:
Good afternoon. There is a question about the load and power of the cable. I want to connect a hozblok (living room). Load: electric heating, electric stove, boiler, etc. There is a VVG 4x4 cable. I want to pull in a trench underground at a distance of 100m. The voltage comes to the 380v section. Are there enough cable cross sections?
The answer to the question:
Hello! You have 380, these are 3 phases, are you going to lay 3 or 1 phase on a hosblok? If 3 phases, then this section is enough for 10 kW with interest. Protect the line with a 16A machine. The VVG cable underground must be laid in a pipe, there is an article on this on our website - https://my.electricianexp.com/en/kak-pravilno-prolozhit-kabel-pod-zemlej-prakticheskie-sovety.html

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