Crystal chandeliers in a modern interior

Crystal chandeliers have been extremely popular in the interior for centuries. If earlier it was customary to use them in classic room styles, now crystal ceiling lights can fit perfectly even in the loft style and other modern design directions. In this article we will look at how crystal chandeliers look in the interior of the living room, kitchen and bedroom.

Initially, it should be noted that the products can be both suspended type and ceiling. In the first case, the structure is suspended on a chain. Such lighting devices can be not only multi-tiered, but also single-tiered. Ceiling crystal chandeliers are suitable for apartments with a low ceiling. The original design of this embodiment from the Russian manufacturer, the city of Gus-Khrustalny is shown in the photo below:

Daisy design

Taken from Lux Light website

The provided design option is perfect for the interior of the living room, preferably the classic style.

In addition to the living room, crystal chandeliers look good in the bedroom interior. In this case, you can even use an unusual design option - black, as in the photo example:

Black crystal


In the kitchen you can also hang this type of lamp. It is most rational to place a chandelier above the dining table, as here it can be combined beautifully with chairs, a table and other elements of the interior.

The combination of classic and modern style

An unusual, but quite popular option for using crystal lamps is in the bathroom. The main thing here is to choose the right design and take into account that water should not fall on light sources. As for the embodiment, both suspended structures and ceiling ones can be used. The main reference is the height of the ceiling. Both options can fit beautifully into the interior and even become its highlight.

Unusual bathroom interior


In conclusion, I would like to note that it is very important to choose the right size of a crystal chandelier. There is a simple formula by which the choice is made - you need to add the length and width of the room in meters and multiply by 5. The result obtained is the minimum diameter of the lamp in centimeters. To find out the maximum diameter, you need to use the factor “10” instead of “5”. For example, if a room is 4 * 3 meters in size, then the minimum diameter is calculated (4 + 3) * 5, i.e. 35 cm. The maximum will be (4 + 3) * 10, i.e. 70 cm

So we examined how crystal chandeliers can look in the interior of the living room, bedroom and kitchen. We hope that the provided examples and tips were useful to you.

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