Specifications and wiring diagram UZM-3-63

Multifunctional protective device - this is the name of this device. It is designed to protect three-phase consumers connected to the mains from power surges and phase failure. The switched maximum current for one phase is 63 A. Next, we consider the connection diagram, technical specifications and the principle of operation of the UZM-3-63.


The UZM-3-63 device is a voltage control relay equipped with a powerful three-phase power relay that switches a three-phase load. Also, the relay is equipped with a function that monitors the frequency of the network. In addition, there is a function for suppressing impulse noise with a semiconductor varistor protection. Interference in turn occurs during the switching of powerful devices and transients in electric motors and transformers. They have a devastating effect on microelectronics and other equipment. For switching UMZ-3-63, external auxiliary switching devices are not required (starters or contactors), since there is a powerful built-in 63 amp power relay.


UZM-3-63 is manufactured in a housing for installation on DIN rail 35 mm wide. On the front cover are bolted terminals for connecting wires, as can be seen in the photo:

Three-phase ultrasound

Also on the front panel are the regulators of the maximum “U max” and minimum voltage “U min”, as well as a regulator for the delay time of the restart. The indicator of red color of excess voltage "U>", a yellow light, indicates the inclusion of the built-in power relay, as well as a red light indicator, indicating a decrease in voltage "U <".

Below in a row are phase indicators, green LEDs L1, L2, L3, signaling the presence of line voltage at the power terminals. At the top of the case of the multifunction device are the power input terminals marked N, L1, L2, L3, signed as an input. On the opposite side there are terminals with the inscription output and marked N, U, V, W. Also on the UZM-3-63 there are terminals for connecting a remote control: Y1, Y2.

Principle of operation

Now we will consider how UZM-3-63 works. When electricity is supplied to the input terminals, the green indicators L1, L2, L3 light up. The device measures the input voltage, the phase sequence, as well as the frequency of the alternating current in the network. If the power supply parameters are normal and satisfy the set values, the user switches on the restart time. After that, the yellow indicator lights up and the power relay turns on, supplying electricity to the load.

In the event that the network parameters do not correspond to the controller settings, the load is disconnected. Wherein:

  • “U <“ is on, then the mains voltage is lower than the set value;
  • “U>” is on, then the network parameters are above the set value;
  • frequent simultaneous flashes of red indicators, so the network frequency does not correspond to the norm of 50 Hz;
  • slow simultaneous flashing of these indicators indicates phase imbalance, the voltage between any of the phases differs by more than 25%.

Wiring diagram

So, the connection of the UZM-3-63 in a three-phase network occurs according to the following scheme:

Scheme of the four-pole ultrasound

Also, you should know some nuances that will allow you to correctly connect the ultrasound scanner to the network:

  • to operate the device without remote control, terminals Y1, Y2 must be closed to each other;
  • connecting the N terminal N is necessary for the normal and safe operation of the device;
  • the device cannot respond to short circuit currents and leakage currentsTherefore, it is necessary to install automatic machines and RCDs in the power circuit;
  • UZM-3-63 only works with a three-phase load.

The recommended wire size for connecting the device is provided in the table below:

Section table

If you are additionally interested connection scheme UZM-51M, we provided it in a separate article to which we referred!


The dimensions of the multifunction protection device are shown in the picture:

Overall dimensions of three-phase ultrasound

Otherwise, I would like to note that the UZM-3-63 is equipped with remote control terminals, monitors the breakage and phase rotation, controls the network frequency. In addition, the device can switch a large current, 63 amperes in one phase.

Of the features I would like to highlight:

  1. Surge protection. Dual-threshold smart shutdown with shutdown delay.
  2. Defence from undervoltage. Dual threshold smart shutdown.
  3. The presence of built-in varistor protection against impulse noise.
  4. Configurable delay to re-enable ultrasound.

All technical characteristics of UZM-3-63 are provided in the table below:

Parameters of UZM-3-63K

So we examined the characteristics, the principle of operation and the connection diagram of the UZM-3-63. We hope the information provided was useful and interesting for you!

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