Fulfillment of technical conditions for electrical connection

Hello, could you comment and clarify about clause 11.3 in those. conditions for technological connection. It is necessary to install a cabinet with a metering device, etc., but it is not very clear what to mount it on: on a pole of an energy supplying company, which is located 3-4 meters from the border of the site, or is it necessary to put a pipe stand on the border?

Technical conditions for power supply


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    In this case, everything depends on the requirements of the energy supplying company. Before you install something, you must contact this organization and clarify it specifically for your case. Each case is individual and there may also be different requirements. Often, metering boards are mounted directly on a support, on which this shield is connected to power networks. Also, this shield is mounted on a support located on your site or directly on the wall of the house. You specify what options are possible in your case, and then choose the option that is most suitable for you. In any case, one should not rush to purchase and install an accounting board - you should immediately contact the energy supplying company.

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