Will the wiring withstand the induction cooker 5 kW, if 12 kW is allocated?

Hello, please tell me the house is 12 kW. We want to put an induction cooker in the country, it consumes 5 kW for 4 included burners. In addition to the stove in the house, all the rest of the equipment, including heaters. Will the wiring stand or is it better to put a gas bottle?


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    It can withstand if the power of your heaters does not exceed the allocated 12 kW. And in general, what does it mean: “12 kW is coming”? If the house will have 1.5 square mm wires to the most powerful consumers, it won’t stand it. And if the wiring is calculated by power and current - everything will be fine. With such questions, it is better to call the master at home so that he personally checks everything.

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