Can the cable withstand the connection of the electric stove and oven?

Sergey asks:
Bought an apartment. A cable (wire) for email is sticking out of the wall. slabs. It was decided to install built-in independent appliances (hob and oven). The work team said that the 4 square copper cable. And they broke it into 2 sockets (under the stove and under the cabinet). Is it possible to break that up? Will the wiring of 4 squares withstand the power of the devices (cabinet-3.3 kW, plate 7.4 kW)?
The answer to the question:
Hello! And now let your builders open SP 31.110 p. 9.2 and p. 14.27 and read that the electric stove should be connected with a separate copper cable with a cross section of 6 square meters. mm to a separate circuit breaker. Or the same thing in the joint venture. 236.1325800.2016 p. 10.2.

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