Why is the machine heated and knocked out at 25A when turning on the heating elements?

Irina asks:
In a private house, electrotenes were put into the furnace to heat a water boiler. The cable was selected VVG ng section 4, two-core. The machine was set to 25 A. The machine is very hot. What could be the problem ? Malfunction tenov or machine does not pull and need a more powerful?
The answer to the question:
Hello! We can’t answer quite accurately, because we don’t know how powerful your heating elements are! With such a machine, it will not be possible to connect more than 5 kW. There may also be a reason for the heating and knocking out of the machine in poor contact in the terminal block of the machine, if the heater is weaker than 5 kW, then this may be the case. If the contact is good, and the heater is suitable for the power described above, then most likely the problem is in the machine!

You can also read the article https://my.electricianexp.com/en/pochemu-srabatyvaet-avtomaticheskij-vyklyuchatel.html, it describes all the reasons for knocking out circuit breakers


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