Help me choose a motion sensor in the hallway

Valery asks:
Good day, I have such a question, are there any universal motion sensors? That is, they turn on themselves in any light condition, that is, day or night, for the entrance hall with 3 doors, that is, the entrance + kitchen and + entrance to the corridor, the size of the room is 4 meters by 2.5 meters, if possible, examples of sensors and marking with respect Valery
The answer to the question:
Hello! I correctly understood that the light should turn on when entering this room through any of the doors and so that the time of day does not affect its operation?

Absolutely all motion sensors are triggered regardless of the level of illumination. And this is logical, this is a motion sensor, not light. Therefore, it’s not rational to bring models, since now there is a lot of Chinese “know-how” in every store, choose the one that you like best in performance and quality, and so that the sensitivity adjustments are different

Any motion sensor is suitable for your task, not just one, but two - installed in opposite corners of the room (diagonally). Both are connected to one lamp (or how much you are going to turn on), that is, it turns out that the sensors are ultimately connected in parallel to each other.

P.S. The most common type of motion sensors are infrared, they are triggered by a change in the thermal picture, they can “blind” when, say, a heater is standing above the door, and the sensor sees “heat”, and when you go in, your body’s heat may be lost against its background ... Also it can happen if there is a window through which the sun shines. That is to say in a very simple language.

If you have such a problem - try ultrasonic motion sensors or radio frequency, but they are more expensive.


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