Knocks out the introductory machine when loading on the outlet group

Alexey asks:
Good afternoon. With an increase in load in the outlet network, a circuit breaker began to knock out at the entrance to the apartment, which is on the stairwell. At the same time, the automatic machines of the inner dashboard are tight. I tried to load the load on different sockets. At about 3 kW - click and that's it. How and where to look for a malfunction?
The answer to the question:
Hello! What is the face value of a knocking machine? Usually, if one of the machines does not hold the load - it just needs to be replaced. If it does not help, check the wiring, but I think that the problem is with the machine.


  • Alexei

    Thank. I figured it out. The management company stuck a 6-ampere automatic machine into the phase as a consumption limiter, confusing my apartment with the neighboring

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