Knocks a cork in the meter due to the fact that she is 10 years old

Good afternoon! A private house, an old electric meter, has a 6-amp automatic plug in it. Previously, everything worked fine, but recently, on the same amount of energy consumption (a washing machine in the “Quick wash-30 degrees” mode), it has often become a “cork” plug.

Question: can this happen because the cork itself has become unusable (service life, approximately: 8-10 years) and is it possible to solve the problem by putting a new one of the same volume? I’m afraid to put more volume, because the wiring is quite old.


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    Hello! Yes, such a reason may be valid. The case is familiar when the cork from a small Soviet refrigerator began to knock out. Replaced it, having previously cleared the contacts of the protector, the tripping stopped.

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