Knocks out a difavtomat at once at inclusion

Ilya asks:
After mounting and applying voltage through the differential. the circuit breaker to a group of sockets, the differential circuit breaker immediately knocks out before it turns on, a short circuit was detected between zero and ground in this group, it is not possible to get to the junction boxes due to the end of the finish, is it possible to insulate the ground wire or connect it to zero to connect the line to the designed differential and operate this group of outlets?


The answer to the question:
After installing the wiring, did you first apply voltage after finishing? How long have you finished? Maybe the walls are still wet? Wait until it dries - check again.

And those metamorphoses that you described to me, to be honest, are not clear, could you repeat again? Do you want to remove the earth and use the “earth” vein instead of zero? Try if the leakage is not in the phase wire, then it should. But then it makes no sense from such a repair and from a differential machine in the circuit?


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