Knocks out a four-pole machine - how to find the cause?

When turned on, a four-pole automatic machine (private house) knocks out the entire system, a stove, an oven and a dishwasher are connected to it. Is it possible to use the exception method to find the faulty cable, disconnect it from the four-pole machine and continue the operation of the machine with three cables connected to it?


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    If it knocks out immediately, then there is a short circuit. Disconnect all electrical appliances from the mains, and then by the method of exclusion look for the faulty cable. If by three cables you mean three separate cables, then in this case there is no difference - a working cable will work, disconnect the faulty one and fix the malfunction. If we are talking about one cable, then when one of the cores is broken, you need to look for damage and eliminate it or completely replace the cable with a working one if the old one is in unsatisfactory condition.

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