Knocks out the circuit breaker to which the chandelier is connected

Once every two or three days, an automaton is knocked out, on which there is a chandelier in the room. Those. for two days, a chandelier for four lamps, with two lamps screwed in, burns normally. Then the clap, the light goes out, the machine turns off. Sometimes the lamps burn out, sometimes they remain intact. We turn on the machine and the light works for a couple of days, then everything happens again. How to repair it?


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    Often, the machine turns off when the lamp burns. If it knocks out and just like that, then the reason is different. Calculate what load is supplied from the machine at the moment when it knocks out - perhaps the reason is overload. If there is no overload, then the second reason that the machine can knock out is a short circuit. In this case, you need to check the health of the circuits in the chandelier itself, the wiring line that powers this chandelier. Also, a possible reason may be in the machine itself - it is possible that it works false due to a malfunction.

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