The machine knocks out when the water heater is turned on, the resistance of the heater is 32 Ohms

Good afternoon. The question is, when you turn on the water heater outlet, the machine knocks out. I began to ring the plug for breakdown (phase and zero) there should be a break, as I understand it? And then the tester shows 32 ohms.

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    There should not be a cliff. At a break, it shows a large resistance (in megaohms), while the spiral is cut off in the heater, that is, it is faulty. With a short circuit in the heater, the resistance would be close to zero. And in your case, 32 Ohms - this is precisely the resistance of a functioning TEN. 32 Ohms is the normal resistance of a 1500 kW kW heater.
    If other electrical appliances were powered from the machine at the moment of turning on the water heater, then the machine could be turned off due to overload. If there was no overload, then the cause is a fault in the wiring. There may also be a false trip of the circuit breaker due to its malfunction.

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