Why does the circuit breaker knock out when turning on different electrical appliances?

Andrew asks:
Knocks out a submachine gun VA47-29. 2When you turn on many devices, 2 TVs, 2 receivers, lights in rooms, a computer, and little things (charging the phone, etc.). When this all-inclusive everything is fine, but how to turn on a kettle with an electric or microwave stove cuts down an automatic machine, it happens sometimes with just 1 kettle. What to do? I read on the Internet that replacing with a more powerful machine can help. Please help!
The answer to the question:
Hello! The reasons for knocking out a circuit breaker are described in the article https://my.electricianexp.com/en/pochemu-srabatyvaet-avtomaticheskij-vyklyuchatel.html
Well, firstly, you need to specify how many amperes the machine is, to calculate the total power of the simultaneously connected devices and determine if there is an overload ...
Well, according to your description, in all cases it knocks out when you turn on the electric kettle, so maybe there is a problem in it? Perhaps it is faulty? Although I tend to overload the line

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