Choosing a convenient electric kettle - what is important to know?

Choosing an electric kettle for your home is not a difficult task, because This type of household appliance has the simplest design and principle of operation. However, at the same time, you need to know about the existing nuances that can affect the speed of brewing tea, the taste of the prepared drink and, no less important, the safety of the appliance. Next, we will talk about how to choose an electric kettle in 2017 and which one is better in terms of power, volume, body material and other standard parameters.

Body material

Oddly enough, but first of all, buyers are interested in how it is better to choose an electric kettle - plastic, glass or metal? Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages, so now we will briefly consider the characteristics of glass, plastic, metal and even ceramics.

The plastic case is the most practical - it is easy to care for, it is quite durable and also does not get very hot. The disadvantages of plastic are primarily the fact that plastics, especially when heated, reacts chemically with water. As a result, you can feel an unpleasant aftertaste when drinking tea. However, not everything is so sad - for quality manufacturers, most of the lineup is represented by plastic electric kettles, which during the first two years (warranty period) will not have such a drawback. Another minus that you should know about before choosing - after the second year of operation, the plastic case will begin to lose its attractiveness, but this is not so dangerous, because In any case, you need to change the appliance every 2 years. Summing up, we can say that if you need an inexpensive, but high-quality kitchen assistant, it will be quite reasonable to choose a plastic electric kettle.Plastic case

The next most popular material is metal. Choosing a metal electric kettle is also the right decision, because metal is more durable and strong. The disadvantage of this type of housing is that it heats up very much, which is especially dangerous if there are small children in the house. Another disadvantage is the weight of the full kettle. If it is 3 liters in volume, then the total weight will be almost 4 kg, which is inconvenient and sometimes even problematic. If you decide to choose an electric kettle made of metal, we recommend giving preference to stainless steel rather than aluminum. The stainless steel does not react with water, which cannot be said about the aluminum container.Stainless steel housing

We draw your attention to a very important nuance - do not buy combined models - plastic + metal. A big drawback of this combination is the different temperature expansion of the materials, and as a result, water boiling at the joints can occur when boiling water. If you want, choose an electric kettle so that it does not drip after a few months, bypass the combined models!

The next performance material is glass. Glass electric kettles are good because they absolutely do not affect the taste of water - it will remain odorless even after boiling.However, in return for such an advantage, you will have to pay an order of magnitude more money and use the appliance very carefully (the glass is very fragile). Another drawback that you should be aware of is that over time, traces of scale remain on the glass flask, which will have to be removed with difficulty. If you decide to choose a glass electric kettle for the home, see that the handle is made of plastic. Otherwise, the metal handle will heat up and cause many inconveniences.Glass bulb photo

Well, the last type of electric kettle is ceramic. Such models are found more and more often in 2017, due to the unusual design of ceramic electric kettles (this can be seen in the photo below). A ceramic flask keeps heat longer, although it will take a little longer to boil water. According to reviews on thematic forums, ceramics negatively affect the taste of tea, which can be attributed to the disadvantages of this embodiment. Have you decided to choose a ceramic electric kettle for your home? Know that its volume does not exceed 1.2 liters, and the flask itself is heavier than metal.Beautiful ceramic electric kettle

Based on the characteristics of plastic, metal, glass and ceramics, now you can decide for yourself which electric kettle is best to choose. Our advice - give preference to plastic and metal models. They are practical, inexpensive and most often come in a design suitable for the interior of a kitchen.

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Stand Type

This selection criterion will be considered briefly since To date, coasters come in two types: an outdated model and the so-called “Pirouette”. The fact is that standard coasters, which were more than 5 years ago, can hardly be found on store shelves. They are inconvenient in that the electric kettle can be put on the platform only in a certain position. A more modern design option is much more convenient - the case can be installed from any position. This is more practical even if we consider such a feature of people as lefties and righties.

Outdated stand


Flask volume

If you are at a loss to choose the right electric kettle according to the volume of the flask for brewing tea, then to begin with, just calculate how much boiled water you need for breakfast / lunch / dinner. To date, the choice of electric kettles is quite large, there are models from 0.4 to 4 liters. Basically, even for a large family, 1.8 liters are enough. A standard cup has a volume of 250 ml, which means that with such an electric kettle you can boil water for 7 full cups.


An equally important parameter is the power of the electric kettle. The optimum value is considered to be a power from 2 to 2.5 kW, which is quite enough for the rapid boiling of two liters of water. Some brands produce heavy-duty electric kettles (up to 3 kW), however, according to reviews, buyers do not notice a noticeable difference in speed.

Before choosing an electric kettle for power, make sure that you have a good enough electrical wiring. For example, in an old apartment, if you turn on a powerful electric kettle and a microwave at the same time, there is a chance that traffic jams will be knocked out. About, how to replace wiring in an apartment with our own hands, we told in the corresponding article.

Additional features

Above, we examined the most important criteria for choosing an electric kettle for a home. Now we will tell you about what other parameters you need to pay attention to before buying. So, in order to choose a good and at the same time safe electrical appliance, try to find a model with features such as:

  1. Temperature adjustment. Some teas are brewed at 60aboutC, some at 85. If you are a tea lover, then we recommend choosing an electric kettle with a temperature regulator, as in the photo below. Convenient, practical and not much more expensive than the standard version.Modern thermostat
  2. The presence of a second filter. There are electric kettles that have an additional filter that purifies the water when it is poured.Such an additional opportunity, of course, has its advantages, but it is still better to install a filter in front of the faucet in the kitchen, this will save your money and make the water clean not only for tea drinking.Removable filter
  3. Function of protection against inclusion without water. Undoubtedly, an important addition to which you should pay attention when choosing a quality electric kettle. If there are small children in the house or you are forgetful, it is better to choose a safe kettle with this type of protection, as without water in the flask, the heating element will not turn on.
  4. Light / sound indication. Another way to increase the safety of an electrical appliance. When you turn the kettle on or off, a sound signal will be emitted, and the power button itself will light up or, on the contrary, will go out.
  5. Design. An equally important point that you should be aware of is that there are many original models with decorative lighting that will complement the interior of the room. For example, an inconspicuous white teapot with a transparent bulb at night can glow in blue, green or another color. Such illumination will serve as a night lamp, which is especially true if at night you like to visit the kitchen.The idea of ​​a night lamp for the kitchen
  6. Maintaining temperature (thermal sweat). When we considered how to choose a good slow cooker, then they said that the function of maintaining the temperature is very useful and convenient. As for electric kettles, there is a moot point. Some are insanely happy with such an opportunity as a thermos, some have never come in handy, but just the extra money was wasted when choosing.
  7. Cord length. This moment cannot be overlooked, because the convenience of the appliance and its safety depend on the length of the cord. If you look at all the expensive models, you will see that the length of the electric cord from the stand will be small. This is correct, the kettle should be near the outlet, its cord should in no case be long and lie on the floor. Once you stumble through this cord and about the electric kettle, especially if it is glass, you can forget, because he will fall and undoubtedly break.
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The best manufacturers and models

Well, the last one of the most exciting questions is which electric kettle is better to buy at the manufacturer's company.

If you want to choose a quality electric kettle, we recommend giving preference to brands such as Bork, Philips and Bosch. When choosing an inexpensive but reliable electrical appliance, you can stop at companies such as Moulinex, Tefal, Vitek and Scarlett.

Of the cheapest products, models of brands such as Supra, Maxima and Sakura are most often bought. We highly recommend not saving on an electric kettle, as you can pay for it not only with a tasteless drink, but also with the likelihood of a fire in the house.

We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with our small rating of electric kettles, which are popular in 2017:

REDMOND SkyKettle M170S. This model stands out among the "colleagues", a real Ferrari among dummies in design and function. The model supports remote control via Bluetooth from smartphones on Android and iOS, you can also organize control from anywhere in the world (when the R4S Gateway service is connected). In addition to boiling, heating is possible - five temperature regimes are available from 40 to 95 ° C, which is useful when brewing baby formula or special types of tea. The case is made of stainless steel and trimmed with glossy plastic. Capacity - 1.7 liters. The buttons on the base are touch-sensitive, with bright blue backlighting. Also among the advantages can be noted the convenient shape of the spout, eliminating the possibility of spilling boiling water past a cup or teapot.

REDMOND SkyKettle M170S

Atlanta ATH-630.Inexpensive, but rather reliable electric kettle made of plastic. A lot of positive reviews about the model. There is no unpleasant odor from the water, it boils quickly and is easy to clean. If properly operated, it will last more than 5 years.

Atlanta ATH-630

Philips HD9304.Manufacturers paid special attention to the design, which will fit beautifully into modern kitchen. Of the features I would like to highlight the inclusion lock without water, which is especially important. The price is low, but the quality is excellent.

Philips HD9304

Kenwood SJM-118. The price of this model is slightly higher, but the appearance is consistent. Good build quality, boils water quickly and also works almost silently. We did not find any negative reviews for the Kenwood SJM-118.

Kenwood SJM-118

Tefal KI 150D.Another kettle of good quality and at an affordable price. The case is metal, but still the weight of the device is small. It will last for many years with proper use. The only thing is that there is no indicator of the remaining water, but this is not such a big drawback, given the high quality of the model.

Tefal KI 150D

Moulinex BY 2821 Noveo 2.Our TOP-5 closes with another good electric kettle, which we recommend choosing for home. Of the additional functions, protection against switching on without water should be noted. Special thanks to the manufacturer for the rubberized stand, thanks to which the case does not travel on the table. Our rating is 5 out of 5, taking into account its low cost.

Moulinex BY 2821 Noveo 2

So we told you about how to choose an electric kettle in 2017 by capacity, volume, type of stand and materialrpusa. We hope that the information was interesting and useful for you!

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  • Pavel

    Good afternoon! If you choose a kettle, then my advice is KitchenAid, even if it’s expensive, but invest 40 years in advance, they have an incredible long life + they are silent.

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  • Anonymous

    I have been using bosch teapot for a long time. Works 6 years without complaints!)

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  • Dmitry

    “Another minus is the weight of a full kettle. If it is 3 liters, then the total weight will be almost 4 kg ”
    Killer argument. Usually they do it all, they boil three liters at once ...
    And a three-liter kettle still needs to be searched.

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  • Elizabeth

    I recently purchased a glass SkyKettle G200S at a discount from the officers. Besides the fact that the kettle boils water, it also maintains the right temperature. As an additional advantage - control from a smartphone and the backlight of the kettle) Original and affordable. The volume of 2 liters, which my husband and I are more than enough.

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  • Lara

    Glass bosch. scale all the glass in a week. to use citric acid - 8 months, and the kettle leaked.

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  • Vb [fbk

    Away I saw a kettle with remote control. To each his own, of course, but I only understand this if it’s really hard for you to get out of bed once again (in case of illness, for example) ... I look at my Mulinex with Avito and I am glad that I bought a new one and cheaper))) Safe, fast and even cute - what else is needed? I'll go chtoli to drink tea!

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