Choosing spotlights - what is important to know?

Spotlights have long ceased to be a luxury item and they, perhaps, will not surprise anyone. Devices are used to create suitable lighting, decorate a room and even as interior elements. There are peculiarities of product selection, which depend on many factors. In this article, we will tell you about how to choose spotlights for stretch ceilings and from drywall.

Suspended ceiling

When choosing lighting devices for a plasterboard ceiling, you need to decide for what purpose you are going to install them:

  • home decoration with the correct arrangement of lighting devices;
  • creation of combined lighting and dividing the room into zones;
  • alternative to full lighting from a chandelier.

In the interior of the bedroom photoSpotlights for a false ceiling can be made of any materials, there are no restrictions. You can choose products from aluminum alloys or stamped metal, and the only thing you need to pay attention to is the proportionality of the height of the ceiling space to the dimensions of the closed part of the lighting fixture. For different products, the free space behind the gypsum plasterboard ceiling should be from 2 to 10 cm. Before choosing and buying the right model, be sure to find out what gap you have.

Types of fixtures

Of course, in order to choose the right spotlights for gypsum plasterboard ceiling, you need to decide on the types of products, so we will dwell on this issue in more detail.

By the type of installation, lighting devices are divided into:

  • Built-in - only the decorative part is visible from the outside on the ceiling, everything else is hidden behind the ceiling space. For installation in drywall, a hole is made in accordance with the landing diameter of the spotlight.Recessed
  • Overhead - are installed on a hard surface using self-tapping screws, the hole will be necessary only for wires.Overhead

By design, you can choose the following types of spotlights:

  • rotary - lighting is possible at different angles;Turning
  • not rotary - the light from the device goes only down.Fixed

By the number of cartridges, lamps can be divided into:

  • single - one light source;Single
  • cardan - a model with several cartridges for bulbs, such products will be quite large in size.Cardan

Interesting video on the topic:


Choosing the right spotlights for gypsum plasterboard ceiling is, of course, an important event, but do not forget about buying a high-quality and suitable lamp. For these lighting fixtures, halogen, LED, mercury (energy-saving) and mirror incandescent lamps are suitable. The best option would be LED lamp selection, despite the higher price compared to other light sources. These bulbs are safe, with a long service life, and when connecting a dimmer You can easily adjust the brightness in the room.

LED lamp

You can also choose a halogen spotlight. It is not very economical, but it is ideal for rooms where strong lighting or interior lighting is needed. Mercury products, on the other hand, are economical to use, but their light is not very useful for vision and is difficult to dispose of. As for incandescent lamps, we do not recommend using them in principle. They heat up quickly, not durable and not particularly effective.

A bit about design

Of course, we all want to choose not only effective, but also beautiful spotlights that will fit the interior of the room and no matter what room you want to install them in - the living room, bathroom or kitchen. You always need to do everything with style! This is especially true in cases where the design of the house is made in any particular style.Instrument Design

If you want to choose lighting for a classic room, we recommend that you purchase items in a bronze frame. It is also possible to choose models with ornament or crystal shades. For the Provence style, an oval golden frame with glass shades is recommended. For modern styles such as hi-tech or minimalism, cool metallic colors, square or round shapes are suitable. By the way, for this style, the use of cardan models will be successful. As you understand, the choice of spotlights by design is a purely individual process and, of course, it all depends on your subjective vision and taste.

In more detail this question is considered on video:

Stretch ceiling

As for how to choose spotlights for a stretch ceiling, here you can apply all the selection rules for plasterboard ceiling space. However, there are still some nuances associated with the danger of heating the stretch fabric (by the way, these tips will suit the owners of the plastic ceiling):

  1. Stretch ceilings can withstand temperatures of up to 80 degrees, so when choosing bulbs, you should choose products with a power of not more than 60 watts for fabric and not more than 40 watts for film. The power of halogen lamps should be 2 times less (30 W and 20 W, respectively).
  2. Light from spotlights should point down.
  3. Use bulbs with a black bulb or mirror coating to reduce the risk of heat.
  4. It is necessary to create a reliable seat in the stretch ceiling using a special ring, which is hidden in the side of the product.
  5. Be sure to choose quality products from trusted manufacturers.In yellow

If you need to choose spotlights for a stretch ceiling, we advise you to definitely watch a video that compares various options for spotlights:

Now you know everything about how to choose spotlights for the ceiling. The size, shape and material of products is very diverse in our time, as well as the price can vary significantly depending on the selected device. Armed with our advice, you can choose the best models for your home!

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