Choosing a microwave oven - 10 important functions of technology

It is difficult to imagine a person who does not use household appliances today, because it is designed to perform any homework, while saving energy and valuable time for the owners. Here, for example, a microwave, or as it is also called a microwave oven, in addition to the usual heating of food, has many other various modes: defrosting, grilling, double boiler, convection, etc. In this article, we will tell you how to choose a microwave for home in 2018 and what to look for when buying, so as not to overpay the extra money. Since the choice of microwave ovens in household appliances shops is very large, so first decide on the following important parameters: what should be the volume of your future microwave oven, its power, functions performed, etc. Next, we will talk in more detail about the choice of each parameter.


This characteristic is dominant, since the volume of the dish, which can be placed in the inner chamber, and the planning of space in the kitchen, depend on it. Choosing a microwave by volume is more than simple:

  • a volume of 12-14 liters is enough for one person;
  • volume of 17-20 liters is enough for two people;
  • a volume of about 30 liters will allow frequent cooking of large dishes such as poultry, large pieces of meat, etc.


An important parameter for choosing microwave ovens for the home is the power of their microwaves: the more it is, the faster the cooking process will be. To choose the right microwave oven in terms of power in 2018, focus on the following modes:

  • 150 W - keeping the cooked dish hot;
  • 160-300 W - defrosting, as well as cooking of “delicate” type products;
  • 400-500 W - fast defrosting of food in small quantities;
  • 560-700 W - slow cooking or heating of products of "delicate" type;
  • 800-900 W - fast heating and cooking;
  • 1200 - cooking in grill mode;
  • 1350 - cooking in convection mode.


Of course, when choosing a microwave oven for the home, you will certainly want it to be versatile, inexpensive, but of high quality. We suggest finding out exactly what functions a modern microwave oven should be able to perform. So, in order to choose the right microwave oven in 2018 and not to overpay the extra money, pay attention to the following set of functions:

  1. Defrosting food. It is carried out both manually and automatically. Using the manual mode, you can independently choose exactly the time that you consider necessary for defrosting products. If your microwave oven has automatic defrosting, you can not follow the defrosting process, since this mode corrects the method and time required for complete thawing. The manual mode function is characteristic of cheaper models, while the automatic mode is inherent in the fact that it is more expensive. If material capabilities allow - we recommend choosing a more modern option with automatic defrosting.
  2. Warming up dishes. It can be done automatically and manually.In automatic mode, you just need to set which dish will be warmed up, and then it's up to the microwave itself. The number of dishes offered for heating depends on the specific model.
  3. Cooking according to recipes. This function will help the host / hostess to take a break from culinary affairs, since they will only need to load food into the inner chamber, select the desired dish in automatic mode and click "Start". New oven models allow you to add your own to already programmed recipes.Ease of use
  4. One of the important functions of modern microwave ovens for the home is to work in convection mode, when hot air circulates around the dish, allowing it to bake evenly. Convection heating helps preserve the beneficial substances contained in the product. However, this mode has two main disadvantages: high price and high energy consumption, so before you choose a microwave with convection, think about whether you need convection heating.
  5. Grill. This function will help diversify the home menu, because thanks to it you can cook fried meat, which will be obtained with a golden brown crust, or other products.
  6. Bread machine. New models for 2017-2018 are also provided for baking various flour products.
  7. Double boiler. Steam cooking is quite simple, and the food is tasty and does not lose useful properties, so we recommend choosing a microwave with a double boiler.
  8. Steam cleaning. This feature will please the owners of microwave ovens so that now the internal chamber of the microwave oven does not have to be washed by hand. Steam cleansing without any problems removes greasy food residues from the coating.
  9. Removing odors. Thanks to which you can cook a variety of dishes in turn and not worry that one absorbs the smells of another.
  10. Bioceramic surface. Bioceramics is a new development of scientists and has properties such as resistance to damage, is easily washed and helps the microwave to serve even longer. However, the price of the furnace due to such a coating doubles in comparison with the technology of the same functionality, but the difference is that the latter has an enamel surface.
  11. A system for evenly distributing microwaves. It allows for uniform cooking (heating) of food due to the special design of the magnetron.
  12. Function of automatic maintenance of temperature. Allows a certain time to keep food in a heated state.
Help consultant when buying a microwave

As for companies, in 2018, manufacturers such as LG, Samsung, Bosch, BBK, Electrolux, Vitek, and Candy proved themselves best. In the price-quality category, these brands are the best, as evidenced by their leadership in the global market!

Popular models

I would also like to bring to your attention our own rating of the best microwave ovens of 2018, which one will be the right decision. All models listed below are optimal in price and quality.

Inexpensive freestanding models (up to 5000):

  • REDMOND RM-2002D
  • BBK 23MWG-923M / BX
  • Midea EG823AEE
  • Daewoo Electronics KOR-6LBRRB
  • Samsung ME81KRW-3

Optimum in price and quality built-in microwave ovens:

  • Weissgauff HMT-206
  • Midea AG820BJU-SS
  • Korting KMI 825 TGN
  • Samsung FW77SR-B

5 best microwave ovens with grill and convection:

  • Samsung MC28H5013AW
  • REDMOND RM-2502D
  • BBK 25MWC-980T / B-M
  • Hotpoint-Ariston MWHA 33343 B
  • Panasonic NN-CS894B

We hope that our advice helped you in answering the question - how to choose a microwave for home in 2018 in terms of power and volume, and which company is best for domestic use. Of course, influencing factors when choosing a microwave oven will also be the prices for equipment and reviews on forums from those who have already purchased a particular model and know how safe, reliable and easy to use.

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