Choosing the best food processor for home use

We can no longer imagine cooking without various household electrical appliances. They firmly took their places in our kitchen, facilitating the cooking process and giving more time for legal rest. One of the most versatile products without which many can no longer imagine their life is a food processor. The device shreds fruits and vegetables, makes juice, is suitable for kneading very cool dough and has in its arsenal many nozzles for any culinary masterpiece. Want to cook your favorite dishes without the hassle, but don’t know how to choose a food processor for your home? The editorial staff of the ElecroExpert website has prepared for you the most relevant tips for selecting a harvester of 2017!

Bowl power and volume

In the home appliance market, you can choose a food processor with a capacity of 300 to 1,600 watts. The speed of the product and its quality depends on this parameter. Also, the greater the power of the appliance, the greater the volume of the bowl. Sometimes you may come across 2 models of food processors with the same bowl volume, but with different power levels. In this case, we advise you to choose the device where the power is higher. Accordingly, for a significant number of products, you should also choose a device with a solid capacity and volume. Please note that such an apparatus will be quite large in size and suitable only for owners of a spacious kitchen with plenty of free space.Current device

If you want to choose a compact option for the home, the power of such a product will be 300-800 W, the bowl volume - from 1.5 to 2.5 liters. Such a device will not be too functional and have 2-3 speeds. You may well be able to use a household appliance to cut vegetables and knead batter. The big advantage of a small food processor is its low price and significant space savings. As for the choice of massive household devices, they have a large set of additional functions and a speed range from 3 to 15. Their power will start from 700 W, and the volume of the bowl is up to 3 liters.

How to choose a bowl for a food processor? The most durable and strong bowls are made of stainless steel, and their only drawback is the inability to microwave. The second in the ranking will be a glass unit, which, although it may break, is, however, an almost universal option. Plastic containers are considered the worst, so if you want to choose a high-quality combine for home use, bypass the model with the plastic bowl side.


The simplest food processors have one button in their control, which turns the program on and off. If you decide to choose a more powerful device, there will be a speed switch and other important controls. It is very convenient if the device has a display on which all the settings are shown.In order to buy a good quality device in terms of parameters, you need to pay attention to the presence of additional nozzles and functions. The best food processor that you can choose will combine almost all household electrical appliances for the kitchen. So, the device may well replace the following devices:

  • juicer;
  • meat grinder;
  • mixer;
  • blender
  • shaker;
  • ice cream maker;
  • coffee grinder.

The abundance of nozzles

Of course, the more functions a food processor has for a home, the higher will be its cost. However, think that the high price will be justified, you do not have to spend money on the purchase of other electrical appliances (for example, a juicer or mixer). Also, in order to choose the best device, you need to carefully look at the attached nozzles. The following are considered the most popular in 2017:

  1. Circular knife with a diagonal slot - for dicing vegetables and fruits for salads.
  2. Nozzle for dough - for mixing very thick dough.
  3. Press for berries and fruits - for mashed potatoes of various thicknesses.
  4. Impeller knife - for meat and fish, cooking paste.
  5. Nozzle - grinding - for shredding and rubbing any product.
  6. Shaker nozzle - for splitting ice.
  7. Whisk - for whipping dough, making sauces.
  8. Mill - for grinding small portions.
  9. Juicer - for making freshly squeezed juice.

Of course, you do not have to choose a food processor with all these additional features. In any case, you must admit that some products can really be universal "helpers" in the kitchen. If we talk about the specific manufacturers of this appliance, which we recommend choosing. then it all depends on how much you are willing to spend on a particular model. Companies like Bosch, Kenwood, Tefal, Zelmer, Moulinex and Vitek deservedly received good reviews. By choosing one of these brands, you are definitely not mistaken!Juicer Option
If you are still not sure how to choose the right household appliance for the kitchen and think which model is better to buy, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with an interesting video on choosing a good combine:

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Popular models

Finally, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the list of the most optimal models in terms of price and quality. If you do not know which food processor is better to choose, we advise you to give preference to the following options, they are the most durable, strong and easy to use:

Braun FX 3030. Budget model in which there are all the useful features. Of the special ones, it is necessary to highlight the smooth adjustment of speed, as well as the presence of the juicer option. This device works quietly, moreover, it is quite powerful and roomy. A good option for home if you want to choose an inexpensive, but high-quality combine.

Braun FX 3030

Bosch MCM 62020. More powerful, roomy and also reliable (Bosch is one of the elite manufacturers of household appliances). Special thanks to the manufacturers for the rubberized legs, thanks to which the case does not jump on the table during operation. This model has many positive reviews on the Internet.

Bosch MCM 62020

Philips HR7761. Considering the cost of this combine (5500 in 2017), it is not particularly susceptible to criticism. It performs its main function perfectly. There is no additional juicer or meat grinder in this model. It is recommended to choose for those who need only a food processor.

Philips HR7761

Saturn ST-FP7071. If you want to choose a device with a mill and a juicer, pay attention to this model. Inexpensive, convenient to use, powerful enough and at the same time compact.

Saturn ST-FP7071

Now you know how to choose a food processor for the home in 2017 and which company has the highest quality models! We hope that the information provided was useful, and you are ready to make the right choice, based on all the characteristics of any model. It turns out that enjoying the cooking of excellent dishes is very easy! Progress does not stand still and makes us real culinary specialists without much effort! Try it and you!

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