Choosing a quality refrigerator for the home - what to look for?

When choosing a refrigerator, everyone wants it to serve for a long time, not break and work silently, at the same time it has a low cost. This can be said the main criteria by which to search for a suitable model. In addition, it is important that the purchased unit matches the interior in color, is economical and comfortable to use. If you manage to choose a model that satisfies these requirements, then you really approached the issue of analyzing parameters and the best models. In this article we will tell you how to choose a refrigerator for the home and what brand is durable. At the end of the article, a rating of the best refrigerators by price, quality and manufacturer will be provided, so we strongly recommend that you read to the end.

main parameters

To get started, briefly consider the most important criteria for choosing a refrigerator for the home. So, the first thing you should decide before buying is:

  1. Dimensions of equipment. There are one-, two-, three-, four-, five- and even six-chamber models. As a rule, each manufacturer has their own sizes of products, but all of them are close to standards and can differ by no more than 5-10 cm. measure this place with a tape measure and, on the basis of the measurements obtained, select the appropriate option for height, width and depth. Two-chamber units are considered the most popular, in them a freezer and a refrigerator are similar. They are already followed by Side-by-Side, single-chamber, and then multi-chamber.Case Dimensions
  2. Camera locations. Everyone is accustomed to the freezer being at the bottom, however, there are models with the top location of the freezer. It happens without her at all, so when choosing, pay attention to this moment. We also advise you to consider the ratio of the chambers, it happens that the freezer is almost the same as the refrigerator. This is very convenient for those who want to pick up a device with a large freezer.Freezer Location
  3. Useful volume. To choose the volume of a refrigerator you need to know one simple thing - for two people a 180 liter device will be enough. For a family of 3 people, you can buy a 250-liter model, and if you have a large family (for 5-6 people), we recommend that you choose equipment with a useful volume of 350 liters or more. Do not forget about the dimensions, the volume of the camera directly affects the dimensions of the case.Net volume of the camera
  4. Type of defrosting and freezing. We will not go into details, but only highlight the most important information for you. Freezing can be thermoelectric (silent), absorption (more noisy) and with the help of compressors (the highest noise level). In turn, defrosting can be manual (as before, unplug the equipment from the network, wait until the cameras defrost, then wash the walls and wipe it dry), drip (moisture drains into the pan on the back wall) and No Frost (know-how frost) . More often than not, all customers find it difficult to decide which refrigerator is best for their home - with drip defrosting or know-how frost.If you do not often defrost the device, we recommend choosing a more modern and reliable No Frost system. In turn, the drip system belongs to the economy class, therefore, the equipment will cost less.No frost photo
  5. Climate class. The choice depends on the operating conditions of the unit, as well as the temperature in the region in which you are located. The most popular climate classes are presented in the table below. You need to select the appropriate temperature range for your own conditions.Climate classes
  6. Energy class. If you want to choose an economical refrigerator for the home, pay attention to its energy class. The lowest class (i.e. economical) is A +++. Further alphabetically and the number of pluses are units with higher power consumption (A ++, A +, A, B, etc.).Energy classes
  7. Functions. You must understand that the more versatile the refrigerator you want to choose, the correspondingly more you will have to pay. We recommend that you select the least “sophisticated” device for your summer residence. But in an apartment or a house you can already spend money on a model that has, in addition to standard functions (for example, temperature settings), an open door indicator, superfreezing, an ice maker, long-term storage of products, quick cooling and freezing of products, antibacterial protection, etc.Ice machine
  8. Compressor type. In 2017, it is already better to choose a refrigerator with an inverter compressor, as it is more economical, quiet and also durable. The only thing the inverter is afraid of power surges, therefore, you will additionally need to protect the equipment installing a voltage stabilizer in the house.Inverter compressor
  9. Number of compressors. In inexpensive refrigerators, there is one compressor, better models have 2 compressors, which are better because they are cheaper in terms of repair, more economical and also allow you to turn off one chamber (for washing or something else), while the second one will work.Compressor location
  10. Control method. Electromechanical control is more reliable and also cheaper. Electronic allows you to more accurately adjust the temperature regime, so it is better in terms of the comfort of using equipment. Most modern models are equipped with electronic control.
  11. Noise level. One of the most important parameters, as almost everyone wants to choose a silent refrigerator, and at the same time, to be inexpensive, but of high quality. In this regard, our recommendation as an expert is to opt for equipment with a noise level below 40 dB. With this indicator, the device will work in quiet mode.

We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the basic rules for choosing a refrigerator:

Expert Advice

These are all tips on choosing the right technical specifications for refrigerators. Below we will consider the little things that you should pay attention to before buying.

What else to look for?

So, in order to choose a really good unit for the home, we recommend that you consider the following nuances:

  1. Shelves must be glass. Transparent glass allows you to quickly find the right products in the refrigerator.
  2. Seals around the door perimeter should be flexible, fit well when closed. Before choosing the option you like, make sure that there are no damage, otherwise you will encounter a problem such as the refrigerator is constantly working and does not turn off.
  3. From the new refrigerator and freezer should not stink of cheap plastic. An unpleasant odor indicates a low quality of plastic, and, accordingly, the dubious reliability of the manufacturer.
  4. Handles recessed in the door save a little space. This is especially true if you want to install fridge in a small kitchen.
  5. Many models, especially those from Liebher, have the option of hanging the doors to the other side. It is very convenient, especially when moving in a house.
  6. Make sure that the legs are on castors (must be at least 2). This design option will make it easier to transport equipment from place to place, simply by tilting the case.
  7. Built-in models are well suited if you do not want to spoil the interior of the kitchen.
  8. There are many color schemes for refrigerators.You can always choose the appropriate design to match the kitchen. In addition, there are designer models that will become the highlight of the interior.

Yellow housing

Top manufacturers

If you do not know which brand of refrigerator is the most reliable and durable, we recommend that you think about purchasing products from one of the following companies:

  1. Samsung
  2. Liebherr
  3. Indesit
  4. LG
  5. Bosch
  6. Beko
  7. Sharp
  8. Hotpoint-Ariston (Ariston)
  9. Gorenje
  10. Korting


Of the domestic brands involved in the production of household refrigerators, I would like to advise a Russian company Biryusa (Biryusa), as well as Belarusian Atlant. If you want to choose an inexpensive but good refrigeration unit for the home, pay attention to these brands. In addition, Atlant in the Russian market accounts for more than 20% of sales, which is a leading indicator. Learn more about rated manufacturers of refrigerators in quality and reliability You can in our corresponding article.

Rating models

Well, we finish our tips on the list of the best models. Several ratings will be provided, which will allow you to choose an option for your own conditions, so to speak, within reason.

The best single-chamber refrigerators for home:

  1. Korting KS 50 HW
  2. Hansa FM050.4
  3. Liebherr Tsl 1414
  4. SUPRA TRF-030

All of them are small and also cost up to 20,000 (or even up to 15 thousand). The choice of a single-chamber model is appropriate for a summer residence or office.

Of the two-chamber units, I would like to advise for home use:

  1. Liebherr CUag 3311
  2. Bosch KGN39SB10
  3. LG GA-B489 TGRF
  4. Samsung RB-30 J3000WW
  5. Gorenje NRK 6191 MC
  6. Indesit DF 4160 W
  7. ATLANT MXM 2835-08
  8. Korting KSI 17875 CNF

As we said, two-door models are the most popular and also practical. An excellent option, which is recommended to choose for the house and apartment. If you try, you can pick up a good unit up to 50,000.

As for models like Side-by-side, in this regard, the best in 2017 are:

  1. Samsung RH-60 H90203L
  2. Liebherr SBS 7212
  3. Vestfrost VF 395-1 SBS
  4. Bosch KAN58A55
  5. Samsung RS-552 NRUASL

Some of the models provided in the TOP cost less than 100 thousand, so even from multi-chamber refrigerators you can try to choose a budget one, while being optimal in price and quality.

Well, the last rating is for built-in models, which are usually selected as two-chamber. So, the following were included in the list of the best:

  1. LG GR-N309 LLB
  2. Korting KSI 17875 CNF
  3. Whirlpool ART 9810 / A +
  4. Siemens KI87SAF30
  5. Liebherr ICBS 3214

Please note that our 2017 refrigerator rating is independent. It was compiled on the basis of ratings and reviews of specialists, as well as buyers. If you want to make your opinion about the quality and reliability of these models, we recommend creating a theme in our forum section, which was created for refrigerators and everyone who wants to leave a review.

Finally, we recommend that you watch a video in which the home appliance repair technician gives his opinion on the right choice of appliances:

Important details

That's all I wanted to tell you about how to choose a refrigerator and which brand is durable. We hope that the provided expert advice and videos were useful to you!

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Expert Advice

Important details

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    Thank you for the article. I chose this refrigerator for myself: Mitsubishi Electric MR-CR46G-HS-R

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    • Admin

      All new refrigerators with glass shelves, metal have not been used for a long time. Transparent means the side shelves on the door, they can also be white plastic, which is not very practical. Advertising refrigerators? It turns out that all modern :)

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  • Ira

    the material is really good, but in vain, I think they overlooked Hotpoint-Ariston refrigerators, I have been using it for two years now, it’s very good in terms of functionality and reliability, the quality is Italian, but humane at the price, if you look at prices of other Western manufacturers

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  • Anyutka

    There is even Biryusa in the review, but Hotpoint is not strange. Although in stores I often see hotpoint refrigerators. And they bought the same a couple of months ago. It is large, roomy. It freezes very well and works quite quietly.

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    I like my indesit. everything is known to be known by comparison. Indesit works without glitches - it does not freeze and, conversely, does not overheat products. my old refrigerator was unpredictable in this regard. also rattled like a tractor - which, again, has never been seen by Indesit before)

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    and I personally give preference to the hotpoint refrigerators. I have no problems with him at all, everything works perfectly and I have no comments

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    Indesit, as they bought for the first time, a washing machine, so trust in the brand appeared .. Therefore, when they bought a refrigerator, they looked at it first of all! It freezes very well, does not make noise, has never broken pah-pah, you will recognize a good brand right away!

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  • Krll

    No Frost refrigerators have a significant negative feature - polystyrene.
    He is in the refrigerator compartment and in the freezer. I used the No Frost refrigerator for a long time and then friends say that there is polystyrene foam and in any case it poisons people. Took unscrewed the rear walls threw the foam. In the freezer, the evaporator is slightly fixed with an elastic band, everything works. In the refrigerator compartment, the valve had to be re-glued, plus the air flows changed and the distribution of cold changed, but on the whole, everything suits. Immediately, all homeworkers noticed that the air was clean in the refrigerator.

    The result is preferable to refrigerators with a drip system.

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  • Marina

    I have a two-chamber Atlant refrigerator, produced in 1997, has never been repaired and survived four relocations to other cities. This quality is worthy of attention. I’m looking at modern models of other brands, but no, the quality of plastic, the internal equipment in mine is better.

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    Plus to Hotpoint, I am very happy with their refrigerator, I bought it 4 years ago, during which time I have never failed :)

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    and I like Indesites. inexpensive, reliable. one of our old-timers at the cottage is already 10 years old, the second is more authentic than at home 5 years)

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    Good article. Recently, they also faced the choice of a new refrigerator. They decided on the model quickly enough, for a long time they chose exactly where to buy, I wanted to find, of course, at an adequate price. Avito really helped out - they found exactly what is needed at a more than affordable price. The refrigerator is brand new! It works properly, no complaints, and saved very well)

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    Here is a friend of mine, too, this Indesit advised to buy .. It turns out, did not lie. I’ll look for him in stores)

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  • Kirill

    No matter how you choose, manufacturers have their own characteristics. When my refrigerator (Liebher) broke down, a friend of mine told me that my refrigerator was bought a year after some upheavals in the company. According to experience, all the “D” refrigerators have been operating for more than 25 years, and mine has been covered for the third year, and even in summer! The same master picked up a new refrigerator on Avito, but already Samsung. He personally examined him and the documents. So trust the reputation, but check with an experienced person ...

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  • Alexander

    I have always liked Italians in household appliances, so for me, from Hotpoint refrigerators in the forefront always.

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  • Diana Merkulova

    In general, to choose a refrigerator you need to be based on the purposes for which you take it. If you live alone, then it is not necessary to take a large refrigerator with a two-chamber freezer, unless, of course, you are preparing to order pizza with constant delivery. I really like Atlant refrigerators, they are both inexpensive and very high quality. I bought a two-chamber refrigerator model XM 4426-089 from their company. The freezer is below, which is very convenient for me, large and roomy, although you can’t say the same in its size!

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  • Sonia

    For me, this is how the refrigerator in the house is the most important thing, so it’s worth approaching its choice in the most serious way. For me personally, the volume of work is of great importance, and of course, as much as possible budget option. Therefore, when I bought myself a refrigerator, I stopped at the Belarusian ATLANT XM 4425-009 ND. For my family (out of two people) it’s a bit big, but I took it in the hope of an early increase in its number)). Modern design, fit into the kitchen, as it should be. No Frost refrigerator and freezer, glass shelves. In short, I am very pleased with him.

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  • Adolf

    If you do not go into details, it is exclusively a sub-zero refrigerator / There are no alternatives to it at present. The minus is the price, and the second, what can be expected from the United States (8 months). Assembled manually

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  • Olesya

    I trust the Atlant manufacturer, my mother uses their appliances and praises them, so they bought an Atlant refrigerator. It is very high quality, meets all requirements, works silently, the volume of the freezer was especially pleased, it is quite large. I recommend Atlant as a budget, but very high-quality model, I am very pleased with my purchase.

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  • Yulia

    Naturally, you should first of all pay attention to the cost, I’ve bought Atlant, I haven’t been too busy with other companies and I’m not sorry, because Atlant serves well, I have no problems with it. Only this company I advise!

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  • Sergei

    for me, a great example of a good refrigerator is my Indesit. 10 years already with us, at least 2 times moved, nothing is done to him)

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  • Olga

    For me, the main thing when choosing a refrigerator was the presence of two compressors, but for some reason now there are few models with two compressors, although this is the most tenacious option. So, I took to myself Atlant with two compressors almost 2.5 years ago, and the model under the ceiling size, with a large freezer and a huge main compartment, gave 25 thousand for it and I don’t know any troubles with it. Pah-pah.

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  • Nataliya

    I agree with the opinion in the article that Hotpoint is one of the best manufacturers of refrigerators. the Hotpoint refrigerator itself is beautiful and works as it should

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  • Anatolievna

    Liebher - 12 years old. Good for everyone, but it breaks down already 3 times. I bought without sparing money. I thought that it was reliable, but alas, his brains are rather weak. All damage as always in the summer. Now I’m looking for a new refrigerator, and here again they say "the most." may not have luck ... ..

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  • dsfgjidslno

    What did not write, what are the types of compressors, their advantages and disadvantages? Instead, they took and so “unobtrusively” advertised an inverter compressor. Like, in 2017 this is the most fashionable compressor - there is no time to explain, buy!


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  • Leonid

    here the Whirlpool brand is mentioned only in the context of built-in refrigerators. But they have the usual freestanding and very good, in my opinion!

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      Leonid, and it surprised me. Freestanding whirlpool work perfectly and are not deprived of design

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    That's what I was convinced from my own experience, that if the budget is small, then indesit is the best option.

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    Wirlpool was chosen because he did not stink with plastic. And the sealant fits snugly and perfectly. The refrigerator is already the third year. It works just super

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    It is strange why Hotpoint is so low, as for me it deserves a higher place. We use their refrigerator, I like everything.

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