Choosing a UPS for the boiler

Both electric and gas boilers will not be able to function during a power outage. Installing a special uninterruptible power supply (UPS) will allow you to work out the heating system in an autonomous mode up to 24 hours, which is enough until the power supply resumes. In this article we will tell you how to choose a UPS for the boiler according to two main criteria: power and type of performance.

We determine the power consumption

With the choice, everything is quite simple - you need to first find out the power consumption of the boiler, and then multiply this value by 2. This will be the parameter suitable for your conditions. For example, if the power of the gas boiler (or rather, the circulation pump installed in it) is 200 W, you need to choose a 400 W UPS.

UPS Connection Diagram

Why do I need to increase the initial parameter by 2 times? The fact is that when the heating system starts, the current value increases by 2–3 times in comparison with the passport data.

In the video below, the specialist tells in more detail how to choose an uninterruptible power supply:

Uninterruptible types

It is equally important to choose the right type of UPS for the boiler. To date, there are uninterruptible type off-line, linear-interactive, as well as double conversion (on-line). Briefly consider the features of each option.

Off-line UPSs are the simplest of all. They can only work as a backup power supply if the voltage in the network drops significantly or disappears altogether. Such models do not save from power surges and this is very bad. The fact is that power surges can cause the failure of individual elements of the heating system, in particular, the control unit. The second drawback is the long time it takes to enter the operating mode (during a power outage), because of which the heating system may turn off, and this will bring a number of inconveniences. The only advantage of choosing an off-line UPS for the boiler is its low cost.


Line-interactive uninterruptible power supplies will protect the boiler from damage during power surges. In addition, the UPS data is quickly included in the operating mode, but still the turn-on time is not entirely optimal. The only requirement that you need to know is that for the boiler to work, you should not choose devices that have an approximated sinusoid. You need to choose a model with a pure sinusoid that is suitable for protecting gas boilers.

Line interactive

Well, the last type of UPS is the double conversion On-line (on-line). Such uninterruptible power supplies instantly turn on, protect equipment from power surges and at the same time allow you to flexibly configure network settings. The main minus of the double conversion uninterruptible power supply is that the connected batteries are used all the time.


To summarize

So, in order to choose a good uninterruptible power supply for a gas boiler, it is best to stay on a linear-interactive model. Pay attention to the switching time of the device, the smaller it is, the better.Give preference only to trusted brands that have mostly positive reviews on the Internet. We hope our tips will help you choose a UPS for the boiler in terms of power and other parameters.

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