Combination options when connected to consumer key switches

Hello! And again I turn to you as professionals (it’s good that there are such competent specialists). Question:

  1. There are two adjacent wall sockets on the wall. In one, 3 wires are led out under a 2-key switch, in the second 4 wires are under a 3-key switch (repair is in progress in a new apartment). Is it possible to transfer one of the consumers (chandelier, LED strip, etc.) from the key of one switch to the adjacent key. I think if the wires from these switches come in one distribution. a box, then it’s probably possible, but if it’s different, it’s problematic, because wiring laid and plastering work carried out. And what do you think?
  2. Socket for 3 keys. switch standard d-65 mm. Is it possible to put a combined 2 keys and 1 wide one instead of a 3-key switch on this socket?

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    1. That's right, in this case it all depends on how the wires are laid and connected, which are entered into these socket boxes. If the conductors are connected in one junction box, then yes, you can swap them. If the wires go directly to the fixtures, then you can only swap places in the socket boxes themselves. But if you have already finished the walls, then accordingly you will not break the wall in order to swap the wires. It is possible if the sockets are located next to each other and the length of the conductors is enough, then you can get the necessary wires from the first box to the second and from the second to the first.
    2. If one switch socket is installed for the switch, then, accordingly, you can put only one switch in it - one, two or three keys. If you want to put two switches - a two-gang switch and a one-gang switch, then you need to mount one more socket and insert electrical wiring conductors into it, which will be connected to this switch. The same thing with a combination switch for two + one big key - to install it, you also need two socket boxes.

    Thanks for the tip, nice :)

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