Is it possible to remake the call into a power outlet?

Hello! We haven’t been using the call for a long time, we just tear it off. Now two wires stick out from the wall in the apartment. Do they have current? (I'm afraid to check). Can I connect a power outlet to these wiring? And how to do it? Do I need to remove the call button? I’m a zero in electrics, although I change the sockets in the house myself, when it’s clear what to connect to.

Wires from a call in the apartment


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    Hello! To connect the outlet, you need a phase and zero, and 2 wires sticking out of the wall is a phase. One comes from a 220V network, and the second from a button to a call (torn by a button). Alteration in your case is not possible, you need to conduct a separate wire to the outlet from the junction box.

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