Is energy saving possible with an inverter?

Ilya asks:
Hello. YOUR consultation of the following plan is needed. There is a network with a 220-volt meter and per month costs in the amount of 2000 + for gas heating are about 2700. The question is whether it is possible to organize the following scheme: put the whole house on an inverter, (for example, a 24 volt power supply from a 220 volt network supplies this inverter and the inverter already feeds the whole house + the heating boiler for the house will already be on the heater 2 kilowatts. How much will this month eat? EP3200 inverter 5000-24 LCD + 24 volt power supply LRS-350-24. watts, kilowatts Thank you in advance for your help.


The answer to the question:
Good afternoon! "Savings" will be in the opposite direction. Why and what are you guided by assuming to do this? Why power supply? In order to supply voltage reduced to 24V to the inverter and increase it back? And where to put back the raised curves (most likely) of the 220V mandra? to the outlet? There will be a short circuit. It will beat out the input, your power supply will turn off ...

What is “wat, kilowatt” if, judging by the marking, this is a 350W power supply?

Sorry, but I don’t understand what kind of savings we are talking about. If you want to try double conversion, then remember the law of conservation of energy. Energy is not taken from nowhere under any transformation. On the contrary, you will spend even more due to the fact that the bp 220-24 has a certain efficiency, and the inverter 24-220 also has an efficiency, and both of these efficiency are below 100% (1), for example 70-80%, and they will be these percentages 20 -30% (conditionally) burn out in heat during transformations


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