Is phase imbalance possible when the electric heating is off in the summer?

Hello. More or less the load is distributed in phases in a private house. In one phase, a heating boiler, in another water heater, in the third, kitchen equipment and lighting. In summer, heating does not work. Possible summer phase imbalance with the consequences? And what to do to avoid it? With respect, Nicholai.


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    There may be a phase imbalance and its presence will not be the reason that you do not have a single phase load. The main reason for the phase imbalance is the uneven distribution of the load of consumers (private houses) along the entire line from the transformer. Also, the cause of the skew may be the unsatisfactory state of the power line, a zero break in some area. As for the consequences, in this case it all depends on the magnitude of the voltage. Under or over voltage can damage household appliances. If distortion is usually not observed, then simply install a voltage relay, which will protect the network from possible voltage surges. In the event that the problem of low or high voltage is a constant phenomenon, then you need to contact the supplying organization to solve this problem, if the problem is not solved, then voltage stabilizers are installed.

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