Unstable light recovery and counter operation

Hello, I have a question for you - yesterday I was asked to set up a light at the hairdresser. When I arrived at the client, he showed me a machine that constantly knocks and stinks with burnt plastic, its capacity is 63 A. The next day I came to him to exchange for a new one. The wiring for them works from a 3-phase meter. In the morning they no longer had any light. I changed the promised machine, only the light did not appear constantly. The counter worked partially L1, L3, (their phase indicator) was on. L2 - the phase indicator did not light. In the kitchen, if you turn on the electric column and the electric kettle at the same time, they stop working. If you turn them on individually, they work, only the lighting (chandelier) continues to twitch. In other rooms there was no light at all. Please tell me, can there be a reason not only for the burned-out machine, but also for the order in connecting the 3-phase meter? Thank you very much in advance.

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  • Admin

    It is necessary to check the state of zero and ground. Also turn on the load and measure the voltage. If a voltage drop occurs, you need to look for a bad contact on the line.

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  • An electrician

    why take up work in which you do not understand ???

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  • Radist

    The automaton most likely has nothing to do with it, as the signalmen say: “you must go along the cord” (via cable) and look at the connection points.

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