Power Recovery After Surge

Barely live network in a holiday village. To the house - one phase, introductory machines, meter, stabilizer. 2-3 times a day I turn on the machines that worked for the jump, but you can live like this on the weekend (under the chatter of the stabilizer). Friday night, I start by throwing away everything that I left in the refrigerator: on weekdays, the machines honestly performed the function of RCDs. Put a voltage relay? But in all the recommendations they are placed after the opening machines. How to be And there is still a desire to choose one of the three phases - one is better. That is, there are jumps, and there is a power outage in one of the phases, sometimes for up to 36 hours (!). Such is the district substation.


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    There is a phase priority device. Just to carry out the search for a stable phase. You can put it. Also connect the voltage monitoring relay, it will turn on the power after returning the parameters to normal.

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